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100% Natural

Nature Holidays

The South Charente, Brossac and Etang Vallier Resort are havens of nature. Home to rolling hills of sunflowers, pastures, rows of vines with grapes waiting to be made into Pineau.... Stroll safely through countryside and woods, look for mushrooms, pick wildflowers, keep keep an eye out for local wildlife or just breathe. Many hiking trails and cycle paths are marked to lead you around Brossac!

In south Charente, you can also take advantage of the 'Voie Verte'- a securised path following an old train line. There are 20+ km where you can roller blade, bike ride, walk, jog.... Take the car to one of the access points then enjoy an afternoon.

There are also several fishing lakes nearby and the rivers (although you may need a licence).

Make sure to leave time for kayaking on the charente - a highlight for many of our visitors.