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100% Family

Family Holidays

If there is one thing that Etang Vallier Resort can do is please the whole family! Dad exploring or sporting, Mum lounging on the terrace with a good book, the little ones on the beach.  Under 20 minutes away is horseriding.

Daytrips include Angouleme, Bordeaux's Urban chic, Cognac and the Atlantic coast is close by if you are looking for a sea breeze and seafood.

There is one of Europe's best zoos only 1hour 30 mins away. It is located just outside of Royan which also is a great location for spending a day at the beach, strolling the boardwalk, trying out the carousel or simply taking a look at the boats and eating a bit of ice cream.

Only 15 minutes away is also the Haute Saintonge circuit. You can watch car trials, motorbike racing, or try your own hand for electric carting.

Aubeterre, only 20 minutes from Etang Vallier offers one of the kayak starting points, a little river beach, a super subterranean church even the little ones would like to visit, a village to stroll around, several little boutiques with lots of local goods and several nice café restaurants to make a lovely day or 1/2 day trip that will please everyone.

During your stay, your may have needs to make your stay more comfortable. Don't hesitate for a high chair, cot, baby bath or other item. If we don't have it, we'll get it. Some of our houses are particularly suited for young children, don't hesitate to ask before reserving.