The 3 Parks

There are 3 separate accommodation parks plus camping at Etang Vallier.  Each park offers its own style of rentals. You rent directly from the owner- if you choose to reserve via the resort website, we have inspected each house and ensure the quality of your stay. The Parks are laid out in a natural setting amongst the trees and are all just steps from the beautiful lake, beach and resort facilities.

The Pinedes Park : Gîtes, Cottages & Villas

The Pinedes features approximately 60 gites, cottages and villas. Every individual house has a garden plot of 650m² to 950m² so there is plenty of space and privacy. Each home is privately owned. The Pinedes park provides a recent (2011) large, free outdoor pool that is open from the 15th of June to the 15th of September. There are 2 play areas in the pool gardens plus another in the central park all reserved for Pinede park residents.

The 2 bedroom gîtes & cottages are about 30 years old. The gîtes have had some modernisation completed and the cottages have been extensively improved, refurbished and redecorated by their owners.

The villas have all been built since 2005 and are therefore modern, well equipped and insulated.

The Clairière Park: Wood Chalets

The Clairière remains a small collection of only 4 wooden chalets that will continued to be developped over the coming years. It features a play structure reserved for park residents as well as a 10mX10m pool that is 1m50 deep.  The park is in a very natural setting. Gardening is kept at a minimum- you really can take full advantage of a true country holiday. Access to the Clairière is via a dirt track that crosses through a beautiful wood.

Les Chênes:  Residential Park

The Chênes is designed as a residential park for fulltime, permanent living. Most of the houses are used exclusively by their owners and owners families, and about 1/3 are lived in year round by new or longstanding relocated Brossac families. The owners in the park are French, English, Dutch and Belgian. The garden plots are all at least 1100m² making this the most spacious of all the parks at Etang Vallier. There are several owners who let their houses to tourists both through the resort services and independently. The houses are each very spacious and are luxuriously furnished for your utmost comfort. There are no common areas in the Chênes park, nor is there a shared outdoor pool. Residents of this park enjoy larger, more luxurious houses and have access to the public areas of Etang Vallier Resort including the lake, mini golf, woods and beach areas.


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