10% discount on reservations made before 31/03. Direct reservations INCLUDE bed linen and end of stay cleaning!

Rentals: +00 33 7 86 56 62 66
Pool: +00 33 6 65 37 96 28
Clubhouse: +0033 6 32 33 97 64

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Etang Vallier Resort Brossac Lake Holiday Park

The Resort

Brossac Lake "Etang Vallier" in South Charente is perfect for family holidays, couples' shortbreak, or simply a day...

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Chênes Villa with private pool


There are 3 separate accommodation parks plus camping at Etang Vallier.  Each park offers its own style of rentals. You...

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100% Family


If there is one thing that Etang Vallier Resort can do is please the whole family! Dad exploring or sporting, Mum lounging on the terrace with a good...

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100% Natural

Charente Nature Etang Vallier Resort Brossac

The South Charente, Brossac and Etang Vallier Resort are havens of nature. Home to rolling hills of sunflowers, pastures of cows, rows and rows of...

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Every Wednesday at 3pm - Kids pool games with lifeguard Nico Event

Every Wednesday at 3pm - Kids pool games with lifeguard Nico

Starting Wednesday, 22 March 2017 EVERY Wednesday at 3pm Kids games in the heated pool with...

Underwear sale at the Clubhouse Event

Underwear sale at the Clubhouse

From 3/24/17 to 3/24/17 - From 18h at the Clubhouse....